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We make smart, efficient, and robust variable speed pool pumps that leverage fundamental principles of electricity and physics to save big. We apply industry best practices in the development of our energy efficient pool pumps placing Leaf well ahead of the competition. Discover the three very big leaps forward by watching our video.

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Horsepower 1-2 1.65
Max Voltage 230 230
Power Consumption Up to 2000W 20W
Multiple Speeds Varies
Simple Controls 24 Hour Programmable Controller with 3 Presets
Digital Input Ready Fully compatible with most automation systems
Ultra-Quiet Operation
UV and Weather-Proof
Key Lockout Prevent unwanted changes in settings
Automatic Priming Runs priming sequence automatically at startup
Built-In Freeze Protection Runs automatically if temperature falls below 39˚
Water Quality Extended Periods of Stagnation Continuously Moving Water Prevents Stagnation
Durability High-heat motors lead to increased wear Virtually no pressure on pool equipment
Annual Cost $1000-3000 $400
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years
Highest ROI

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