State-of-the-Art Technology

The technology behind pool pumps has remained unchanged for decades. Relying on old-fashioned motors, traditional pool pumps run on one to two speeds, drawing far more energy than required and burning up to 2000 watts. We designed the Leaf pump to efficiently run on a hundredth of that, for massive energy savings.

Leaf is a variable speed pump that utilizes ECM permanent magnet technology—the best platform for maximizing motor energy efficiency. Variable speed pumps offer numerous benefits over traditional pool pumps. The Affinity Law for fluid dynamics states that a small reduction in speed results in a big reduction in energy expenditure. By harnessing the Affinity Law, we are able to deliver a variable speed pool pump that is unmatched in energy efficiency and savings. The Leaf Pump is able to run at lower motor speeds while still effectively cycling your pool water. In fact, running at lower speeds means you can run the pump continuously, for optimal water circulation.

state of the art variable speed pool pump

Variable Speed Design

Standard pool pumps can consume as much power as the rest of household appliances combined. The Leaf Pump offers the highest efficiency operation. Using as little as 20 watts, you can cut your energy use by up to 90% and save up to $1500 per year in utilities. The ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor reduces noise and vibration for improved operation and longevity. Operating on the lowest setting, you can run the Leaf pump for long hours with virtually no strain on pool equipment. The Leaf Pump is so efficient, running it for 24 hours costs the same as running a single speed pump for only one hour. Running Leaf continuously at the lowest setting offers the lowest energy costs with the least amount of stress on the equipment. Circulating longer keeps your water constantly moving to prevent stagnation, giving you not only a cleaner, but a more cost effective pool.

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Superior Warranty

Most variable speed pool pumps only have a one year warranty. Leaf comes standard with a 2-year limited warranty. You can rest assured knowing that your investment, and your pool, are protected for years to come. Leaf is a variable speed pump that is built the right way; engineered for reliability with premium parts for improved strength, corrosion resistance and protection. Telsa is the most reliable and efficient pool pump ever.

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